Keto day 120

I didn’t see the same weight loss this month, but I have started adding in more cheat days and going to the gym 3x times means that I have bumped up my calorie intake some.  More me this month is a big win, my lifting is up about 20% from when I started.  My body shape is getting closer to where I want to be, next stop that big V chest!

PS: I might need to get a smaller shirt, it no longer hugs my sides 😀


90 days into keto

My weight in today came in at 205!  This is better then I thought it was going to be considering that I spent a couple weeks in Wisconsin where I had a lot of cheat days 😀 Next stop is 200.  My weight has not started with a 1 in over 10 years so this will be a big mile stone for me.

I do plan on getting back into the gym to do some bulking so I think that the weight loss will slow down as I will need to bump my protein intake a fair amount.  But the body composition changes should increase.

As always I am happy to chat with anyone about what I am doing, how I am doing it, or really anything 😀