Under 200!

Under 200!

94 days and 39 pounds ago I started down a road to get myself back into shape.  I am headed into the gym for the first time in about a year today (Thanks Wayne!) so my weight loss will slow down, but my shape should continue to improve.


90 days into keto

My weight in today came in at 205!  This is better then I thought it was going to be considering that I spent a couple weeks in Wisconsin where I had a lot of cheat days 😀 Next stop is 200.  My weight has not started with a 1 in over 10 years so this will be a big mile stone for me.

I do plan on getting back into the gym to do some bulking so I think that the weight loss will slow down as I will need to bump my protein intake a fair amount.  But the body composition changes should increase.

As always I am happy to chat with anyone about what I am doing, how I am doing it, or really anything 😀