Microsoft has earned my distrust

Recently Paydirt blogged about how they dont support IE at all. It was an interesting read, and I understand why it makes sense for them. Rey Bango then had a response article about how IE does in fact work fine on their site and they should at least allow the newer versions of IE to use the site.

I am firmly in the Paydirt camp here. IE team: You’ve made your bed – you’ll have to lie in it.

Microsoft has spent the last decade earning the distrust of the entire development community. For the last 5 years we have be hearing “Oh its ok, ieX will fix everything!” Only to be stuck supporting yet another browser that makes our lives harder. Then along comes IE9 and (from what i understand) its not too bad, that is something that I love to hear. I hope that you continue to turn out a good browser and make the experience better for everyone. I will leave you with a short message to the IE team:

Dear IE, pay your dues. You have earned my distrust – you can earn it back, but its a long slow road.