4 thoughts on “PROTIP: Add coffee to machine before turning it on.

  1. My husband texted me yesterday to tell me that he had turned on the microwave at his office kitchen to warm up his burrito…and when it beeped, he facepalmed when he realized that he had left the burrito on TOP of the microwave.

  2. I have an Aeropress (which requires you to add a paper filter inside a cylinder, and then ground coffee, and then the hot water). I have both forgotten the paper filters (so grounds in my cup, yay!), as well as the coffee (so hot water in my cup, yay!). I have yet to forget both the filter AND the coffee, but it’s bound to happen some day.

    1. Haven’t done that yet with my Aeropress. I use a mesh filter that I keep with the screw on part though.

      I have forgotten to add a K-cup to my Keurig many times though and once forgot to put a cup underneath to catch the coffee.

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