Learning all about mainframes #chadev

Pirates log: Day 3

Rum and marshmallows supplies are running low, but the men and my “spirits” are high. If more supplies are not dropped off soon we may have to start scavenging. 

Down the hill!


a11n’s at the top of the mountain

The only time I can beat a computer at math is when that computer is using javascript, and big numbers ūüôā

Vaping is saving my life

My wife and I quit smoking about 1 year ago, we did this with the help of vaping.  The FDA currently has a bill that is working its way through that would ban all products that entered the market after 2007 (thats 99.9% of the market).  If you are a vaper you NEED to let congress know how you feel about that.

Here is all the information you need: http://blog.casaa.org/2015/10/national-call-to-action-tell-white.html?spref=fb

Quick video about the ban: https://youtu.be/0_2g5rPY9Yo



The internet works best during the townhall… #a8cgm